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CAUTION: INOX mx-3 and INOX mx-5 Plus may affect some natural rubber products with long term continual use. All other INOX and LANOX products will not affect rubber.

FOOD GRADE APPROVALS: For INOX mx-3, INOX mx-5 Plus, INOX mx-6 grease and LANOX-mx4 Lanolin grease, Federal Government Food Grade Approvals can be downloaded at the bottom of the M.S.D.S. section for each product from the INOX Products website or they can be emailed, faxed or mailed by contacting JB Enterprises, at 321-269-7226 or by emailing your request to

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS: All product Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded at the bottom of the M.S.D.S. section for each product from the INOX Products website or they can be emailed, faxed or mailed by contacting JB Enterprises, at 321-269-7226 or by emailing your request to

INOX-mx2 Battery conditioner: Battery banks in electric powered vehicles such as forklifts or stationary battery banks used for generating plants or emergency power can be difficult in knowing the correct amount of INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner to add to each cell. The amount for each cell can be calculated and is a free service available to anyone by contacting JB Enterprises, at 321-269-7226 or by emailing your request to

Be sure that you have all the battery details on hand before you make contact.

What is INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner?
INOX mx-2 Battery Conditioner is an electro-chemical catalyst that can be added to all lead-acid batteries to increase the performance and life of the battery.
What are the benefits of adding INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner to a battery?
It helps stop lead sulphate build up on the plates, increases battery life by up to 2 to 3 times, increases battery efficiency by up to 18%, gives brighter lights, faster starts and recharge.
Will INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner work in older batteries?
Providing the older battery has only a sulphation problem and is mechanically sound, it should add another 1 to 2 years life to the battery. NB. There is about a 2-3% failure rate when adding INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner to batteries that are 2 years older or more.
What is the INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner manufacturer's warranty?
When INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner is added to a new battery in the first 2 weeks of purchasing the battery and the completed warranty form is sent to Candan Industries Pty Lts, there will be an additional full replacement warranty on the battery equal to the battery manufacturer's warranty to maximum of 12 months and will start the day the battery manufacturer's warranty expires. EG. Battery with 6 months barrery manufacturer's warranty gets an additional 6 months with INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner (making 12 months warranty in total). 12 months plus 12 months (24 months in total), 24 months plus 12 months (36 months in total), etc.
NB. The INOX-mx2 Battery Conditioner in 92 ml single battery dose for standard batteries up to 100 Amp Hour has the additional warranty only.

What makes INOX-mx3 different than other WD type sprays?
INOX-mx3 is made using a high grade machine oil base, contains no silicon, acid, kerosene or dieselene, WD type sprays use a kerosene or solvent base.

Is INOX-mx3 safe to use?
INOX-mx3 has no toxic additives; it is Food Grade Approved and contains no carcinogens.

Why is INOX-mx3 superior?
INOX-mx3 will replace over 14 different products with just one can.

What are some of the most common everyday uses for INOX-mx3?
All domestic type use, Aluminum sliding doors and windows, door locks and hinges, garage roller doors, bicycle chains and cables, skate boards and roller blades, shower screens and curtain tracks, sewing machines, etc.

Can INOX-mx3 be used as a polish?
INOX-mx3 is good as furniture polish for polished timber surfaces. INOX-mx3 will clean and polish stainless steel sinks (use a plastic 3m type cleaning pad). INOX-mx3 will clean and polish fiberglass (use toweling or cheese cloth).

Why is INOX-mx3 a better lubricant around the home?
INOX-mx3 doesn't gum up, become sticky or gooey. Other WD type sprays because of their solvent base tend to evaporate quickly, where INOX-mx3 because of its lubricating oil base will last much, much longer. INOX-mx3 will keep door locks, hinges, sliding doors and windows, skate boards and roller blades, bike chains, garage roller doors, etc, working like new for months on end.

Can INOX-mx3 be used as a penetrate?
INOX-mx3 will readily penetrate the severest of corrosion and free up nuts, bolts, screws, threads, pins, bushes, bearings and parts from rust and corrosion and help keep them in good working order.

Why is INOX-mx3 so good on fishing tackle?
INOX-mx3 will keep fishing reels corrosion free and in good working order. INOX-mx3 will not affect fishing lines, protect fishing rods, keeps hooks, swivels and lures corrosion free and in good condition. INOX-mx3 will not dry out or wash off with water.  INOX-mx3 WILL NOT TAINT BAIT.

Can INOX be used on Sporting equipment?
INOX-mx3 sporting applications include pistols, rifles and shotguns, golf clubs and buggies, BMX and motor bikes, Go Karts, boating (both power and sail), off road vehicles. Use INOX-mx3 to clean, lubricate and protect the above.

Can INOX be used on power and hand tools?
INOX-mx3 will keep all air and electric powered tools clean, corrosion free and well lubricated. INOX-mx3 in the non-aerosol form can be sprayed directly into electric power tools to reduce bearing noise. Keep spanners, wrenches, planes, hammers, saws, etc, clean and in good working order. Use INOX-mx3 on oil stones when sharpening chisels, plane blades and knives.

Can INOX be used around the yard and in the garden?
INOX-mx3 can be used to lubricate and clean wheel barrow wheels, pruning shears, chain saws, garden tools, all lawn mowers and line trimmers. INOX-mx3 helps stop lawn clippings sticking to the underside of mowers. Use INOX-mx3 to protect and lubricate children's play equipment and swings, pool pumps, gate latches, locks and hinges. Cleans and protects TV and radio antennas.

What applications does INOX have in Marine?
Use INOX-mx3 to lubricate and protect from corrosion, battery terminals, wiring, switches, lights, bilge pumps, outboard motors, alternators, starter motors, winch and control cables. Helps keep radios, radar, antennas and equipment free from corrosion. Lubricate sail tracks (will not stain sails), sliding hatches, locks & hinges. INOX-mx3 STOPS ELECTROLYSIS.

Where can INOX-mx3 be used on cars?
INOX-mx3 lubricates and frees door locks and hinges, control cables and linkages, starts wet motors. Frees up nuts, bolts and parts frozen with rust and corrosion (exhaust manifolds and pipes, suspensions, etc). Cleans and polishes vinyl dashes and upholstery. Spray INOX-mx3 across the front of the vehicle when travelling long distances at night in the country, it will make it easier to remove the bugs and insects next day.

Does INOX-mx3 have a commercial application?
INOX-mx3 is used for the repair and servicing of air conditioners, office equipment, ride on mowers, chain saws, welders, woodworking and laminating machines, air and power tools, etc. INOX-mx3 stops computer keyboards from sticking. Keeps electrical and electronic plugs, connectors, micro-switches, terminals, circuits, power boards, solenoids and switch gear free from corrosion and in good working order. Lubricates CPU fans (computers).

Does INOX-mx3 have a farming application?
Use INOX-mx3 to lubricate and protect from corrosion, PTO splines and couplings, sprockets, chains, irrigation pump motors, windmill gears and linkages, electrical systems, starter motors, generators, alternators, relays, solenoids, battery terminals, shearing hand pieces, overhead gears and drive shafts, winches and cables. Frees up corrosion and rust frozen parts, track & blade bolts, exhaust systems, nuts, bolts, pins, bushes & pin bearings.

Does INOX-mx3 have a transport application?
Use INOX-mx3 to lubricate and protect air brake slack adjusters and linkages, roller doors, side curtain tracks, door locks and hinges, air and electric start motors, wiper motors and linkages, alternators and air horns. Use lNOX-mx3 to protect and give longer life to brake, tail & clearance lights, relays, battery terminals, solenoids, wiring, electrical and air hose connectors. Use INOX-mx3 for repair and service work on fuel injectors and pumps.

Does INOX have an industrial application?
INOX-mx3 is Food Grade approved; the Australian Government Instrument of Approval is freely available on request. Use INOX-mx3 to stop corrosion and give protection to cold room fan motors, electric forklift systems, switches, relays, solenoids, wiring and motors in high moisture areas. Lubricate and protect pneumatic systems and solenoid valves, factory roller doors, sea container latches and hinges. INOX-mx3 is very good for cutting and milling Aluminum, stops tool chatter. Use INOX-mx3 for tapping and thread cutting. Protects blow moulds, dies and printing plates.

What is Lanox-mx4?
LANOX-mx4 is a pure refined Lanolin and machine oil based anti-corrosion, anti-moisture lubricant.
What difference is there between LANOX-mx4 and INOX-mx3?
LANOX-mx4 has been designed for a more heavy duty application than the original INOX-mx3, it is not food grade approved like INOX-mx3 because it contains Lanolin, solvents and oil, it has no adverse affect on rubber.
Can I use LANOX-mx4 for applications that I would normally use INOX-mx3?
In about 60% of instances LANOX-mx4 and INOX-mx3 will have the same results as both caintain no silicon, acids, kerosene or dieselene. They are both top quality lubricants, cutting agents and anti-moisture, anti-corrosion sprays. INOX-mx3 is food grade approves whereas LANOX-mx4 is not.
What are the areas that LANOX-mx4 would be preferred over INOX-mx3?
For example, LANOX-mx4 is more suitable in certain marine applications such as anchors, chains and shackle bolts and in the protection of outboard and inboard motors. INOX-mx3 would be best used in areas such as marine radios, sail tracks (non-staining) and the protection of stainless and aluminum fittings (good for polishing aluminum and fiberglass). For use in firearms, LANOX-mx4 is best used for long term storage purposes whereas INOX-mx3 has better applications for the day to day cleaning and lubrication (anti-static) so it doesn't attract dirt and helps clean barrel residues easier.
Can LANOX-mx4 be used as a cutting lubricant?
Yes, tests conducted prior to it's release found that LANOX-mx4 is an effective cutting, milling, tapping and thread cutting lubricant for a variety of metals. It is especially effective on aluminum.